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As a sourcing agent, we are particularly good at just that – sourcing products from China. We guide you through the process of getting quotes, evaluating factories and managing the complexities of manufacturing and shipping. We ensure your goods are delivered when you want them – all for the best price, quality and lead time.

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Research potential manufacturers

We research potential manufacturers through our directories, trade shows, or by contacting industry associations. We always consider the manufacturer's location, size, production capacity, and experience.

Factory audit

Before making any commitments, we conduct a factory audit. This involves visiting the factory to check the manufacturing process, product quality, and working conditions. Alternatively, we can hire a third-party inspection company as SGS to conduct the audit for you.

Quality control

We conduct quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the products meet your specifications. We can hire a third-party inspection company to conduct quality control checks on your behalf.

Negotiate pricing and terms

We negotiate pricing and terms. We have members fluent in Chinese with advanced negotiating skills for Chinese business culture. We should ensure that the manufacturer can meet your requirements in terms of quality, delivery time, and payment terms.

Request quotes

Once we have identified potential manufacturers, we request quotes. You should provide us with your product specifications and any other requirements. It's essential to request quotes from multiple manufacturers to compare prices and ensure you get a fair price

Follow-up and feedback

After receiving the products, we should follow-up with the manufacturer to provide feedback on the product quality and overall experience. This helps to build a long-term relationship with the manufacturer and improve the quality of future orders.

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Lisa Montgomery
Lisa Montgomery
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"When I first dreamed up my interior design startup, I had no clue where to get the unique pieces I had in mind. But, stumbling upon Milan and his team was a game-changer! They guided me through each step, and the bespoke furniture I got? Stunning! It’s like they read my mind. Kudos to the team!"
Seo-jun Lee
Seo-jun Lee
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"Vaping is big in Seoul. And in such a market, you've got to stand out. That's where SJT team stepped in. I got not just vape kits, but the kind that makes customers come asking, 'Where did you get these?'. That's the kind of edge I needed. And their on-ground checks in China? Brilliant!"
Arjun Patel
Arjun Patel
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"In crypto world, if you're not ahead, you're behind. Milan and SJT team? They're my secret weapon. They didn’t just fetch me crypto miners; they got me the future, from the tech center of the world - Shenzhen. Collaborating with them? Valuable business decision I've made."

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