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Miss this, and you miss the pulse of global manufacturing. Shenzhen Jishang Trading unlocks doors others simply knock on.

Who we are?

Based in Shenzhen, China, our team specializes in sourcing from China for your manufacturing requirements. We’re familiar with identifying reliable factories and securing competitive pricing

Our team will guide you throughout the process and liaise with factory personnel to meet quality standards.

We offer sourcing solutions that fit the scale and requirements of your business. Reach out for a sourcing discussion to initiate our collaboration.

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Find Hidden Gems

Get unmatched access to potential manufacturers. Think directories, trade shows, and more.

Know Before You Commit

Factory audits? Deep dives into quality, process, and work ethics. Or let world-renowned SGS do the heavy lifting.

No Surprises

From day one till product delivery, quality isn’t compromised. We or third-party experts ensure your specs are on point.

Strike the Best Deal

Fluent Chinese speakers. Fierce negotiators. Get deals that respect your quality, timelines, and budget.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Why Should You Care about sourcing from china?

Every second not partnered with us? It’s potential lost. Growth opportunities missed. Dive in, or risk watching from the sidelines.


When sourcing from China, the journey doesn’t end at delivery. Feedback loops mean every new order outshines the last.

Peek Behind The Curtain

Meet Those Driving Your Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them


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Sourcing Lead


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Leo Wang

Sourcing Agent

Missed Opportunities Loom Large

Contact. Commit. Conquer.
Level Up your Sourcing From China journey

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