Top 10 Vape Wholesale China Brands You Should Know About

vape wholesale china

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  • Pioneer in e-cigarette production: China is the birthplace of the modern electronic cigarette


  • Market Leader: The country holds an enormous share of the global vape market


  • Innovation Hub: Chinese companies are at the forefront of vape technology


Did you know that the e-cigarette was invented in Beijing? Or that China manufactures an estimated 90% of the world’s vaping devices? If you’re in the vaping business, overlooking Chinese brands is akin to leaving money on the table. Whether you’re a seasoned retailer or new to the game, knowing the leading players in this industry is crucial.


China has rapidly evolved into a juggernaut in the vaping industry, offering a range of products that cater to both novice and experienced vapers. From cutting-edge technology to sophisticated designs, Chinese vape brands have become synonymous with quality and affordability.


This article takes you through a carefully curated list of the top 10 vape brands you should consider for vape wholesale China. Each brand has been selected for its commitment to innovation, adherence to quality standards, and a proven track record in customer satisfaction. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of vaping, Chinese style!

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SMOK - One of the most well-known vaping brands globally, SMOK produces a variety of vaping devices like mods, tanks, and starter kits.

SMOK Company Overview


  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Founded: 2010
  • Parent Company: Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co. Limited
  • Reach: Products enjoyed by over 80 million consumers worldwide


What Does a Brief Overview of Smok Products Reveal?

Founded in 2010, Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co. Limited, better known as SMOK, is a frontrunner in the electronic cigarette industry. With a focus on innovation and customer service, the company has built a global brand reputation in a relatively short period. If you’re in the market for a vape wholesale China, SMOK offers an extensive range of products and a strong track record in quality.


What Kind of Stellar Product Range Does Smok Offer?

SMOK provides a comprehensive suite of vaping products, catering to vapers from beginners to experts. Their portfolio includes everything from entry-level vaporizers to high-end, high-performance models. This all-encompassing product range allows retailers to offer a complete vaping solution to their customers.


How Does Smok’s Quality Speak for Itself?

SMOK adheres to a ‘Quality First’ philosophy. Rigorous quality management protocols are in place, spanning from raw material procurement to manufacturing and final quality inspection. The company is also ISO9001 certified and complies with various international standards like UL8139, CE, and RoHS.


SMOK Customer Service

SMOK prides itself on top-notch customer service. They have developed an efficient customer service system to facilitate smooth and successful partnerships. The company sees its customers as friends and aims for mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.


What is Smok Doing in Community and Social Engagement?

SMOK takes its customer engagement a step further with the Vaping Tour app. This platform serves as a community hub where vapers can share their experiences, learn new tips, and connect with like-minded individuals. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about creating a community around them.


Does Smok Have a Proven Track Record in the Vaping Industry?

Over 80 million consumers worldwide enjoy SMOK products. Notable product lines like the TFV series, including TFV8 and TFV12 sub-ohm tanks, have received critical acclaim for their performance and vapor production. The company also offers simpler models like Stick V8 and X8, Vape Pen, and AIO Stick, which are ideal for beginners.


What’s the Final Take on Smok Vape Products?

SMOK’s emphasis on quality, extensive product range, strong customer service, and community engagement make it an attractive choice for vape wholesale China. With a solid reputation and a proven track record, choosing SMOK means choosing a reliable partner in the vaping business.


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Aspire: A Vape Wholesale China Contender

aspire vape wholesale china

Known for its high-quality tanks and coils, Aspire is another significant player in the vaping industry.


Aspire Vape Company Basics


Location: China

Founded In: 2013

Core Values: Innovation and quality

Business Philosophy: Sustainable excellence, quality, and service

R&D Capability: Dedicated staff, rigorous quality control


Who is Aspire and What is Their History?


Aspire has a decade-long experience in manufacturing and R&D in the vaping industry. They offer a comprehensive suite of services as an OEM/ODM solutions supplier, maintaining high-quality control throughout the process.


What Products and Range Does Aspire Offer?


From cloud kits and discrete kits to starter devices, Aspire offers a product for every vaper. Their kits like Breeze NXT and Zelos 2 are popular choices. They are known for introducing the adjustable airflow technology with their BVC coils and Nautilus series. 


How Does Aspire Engage With Its Customers


Listening to customer feedback is a priority for Aspire. This approach has enabled them to introduce groundbreaking products that are reliable and high-quality. 


Aspire vs Innokin: Which Brand Offers a Better Vaping Experience?


When compared with Innokin, another vape wholesale China distributor, Aspire outshines in the sub-ohm category. Their Cleito Pro and Odan Evo tanks are especially noteworthy for direct-to-lung vapers.


What Is the Typical Lifespan of Aspire Coils?


Aspire coils offer varying lifespans. Coils above 1ohm, such as the Nautilus or Pockex, last a few weeks, while sub-ohm options last around 3-5 days, which is average for the industry.


Is Aspire a Reliable Brand in Terms of Quality and Reliability?


Aspire has a proven track record for producing reliable, user-friendly, and leak-proof devices. They have kits designed both for those who are new to vaping and those who consider it a hobby.


What’s the Final Verdict on Aspire Vape Products?


Aspire has managed to stand out in a competitive market by focusing on quality and innovation. Their wide range of products, dedicated R&D, and customer-centric approach make them a viable option for anyone looking to partner in the vape wholesale China market.



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Vaporesso - This company offers a range of products, including mods, tanks, and kits, and is known for innovation and quality.

Vaporesso Company Basics

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Founded In: 2015
  • Core Values: Innovation, Reliability, Style
  • Business Philosophy: Safety, Convenience, and Accessibility in the e-cigarette industry
  • R&D Capability: Significant yearly R&D investment, 5 world-leading laboratories, 90% of staff with PhD & Doctorate degrees
  • Parent Company: SMOORE, the largest global vaping device provider, publicly listed with a valuation of over 25 billion USD



What Is the Vision Behind Vaporesso’s Formation?

Vaporesso was established in 2015 with a clear vision: to build a smoke-free world. This ambitious goal drives the company to produce innovative and user-friendly products. Vaporesso is not just about making a quick profit; it’s about enhancing the quality of life for its users.


How Has Vaporesso’s Product Line Evolved Over Time?

The company has been prolific in releasing new products since its inception. The “TARGET” was its first product, launched in 2016. The “REVENGER,” a dual-battery product, followed in 2017 and sold over 5 million kits. By 2018, Vaporesso had released the “ZERO,” surpassing 10 million kits sold. They continued this momentum with their XROS SERIES in 2021, clocking in more than 3 million kits sold.


What Sets Vaporesso Apart in the Area of Innovation?

When it comes to research and development, Vaporesso is an industry leader. The company has invested heavily in this sector with five world-leading laboratories and a yearly R&D investment of over 450 million USD. Vaporesso is committed to pushing technological boundaries to ensure safer and higher-quality vaping experiences.


Can You Trust Vaporesso’s Manufacturing and Quality Control?

Vaporesso takes reliability seriously. Their manufacturing facilities are the first to be medical-grade in the industry. Coupled with highly automated production lines and expansive industrial parks, this ensures the highest quality for their vaping products.


How Is Vaporesso Navigating Regulatory Challenges?

Vaporesso is proactive when it comes to regulations like PMTA, CRC, and TPD. Their dedicated professional team ensures that they remain compliant, reflecting the company’s commitment to establishing a sustainable vaping industry.


What Role Does Parent Company Smoore Play in Vaporesso’s Success?

Smoore, established in 2009, is Vaporesso’s parent company and a behemoth in the vaping industry. Being the first publicly listed company in the industry with a valuation of over 25 billion USD gives Vaporesso a robust backbone and credibility in the market.


What Do Vaporesso Customers Have to Say?

Feedback from Vaporesso users is overwhelmingly positive, often highlighting the quality, safety, and user-friendliness of their products. The accessibility of Vaporesso products, suitable for both novices and experienced vapers, also gains special mention in reviews.


How Can You Partner with Vaporesso for Vape Wholesale China?

Vaporesso is a compelling option for vape wholesale distributors in China. The company’s product quality, innovative R&D, and regulatory compliance make it an ideal partner for anyone looking to enter or expand in the vaping market.


This information should serve as a comprehensive overview for potential buyers interested in partnering with Vaporesso for vape wholesale in China.

Joyetech - One of the older companies in the vaping industry, Joyetech offers a variety of devices including mods, pens, and starter kits.

Company Overview

  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
  • Employees: Over 400
  • Global Presence: Products available in more than 80 countries
  • Certifications: Numerous, including the first UL certificate for e-cigarettes
  • Product Range: From eGo e-cigarettes to mechanical mods and coils
  • Innovation: WideWick™ technology, AST Technology, RFC and NCFilm technology, and many more
  • Safety and Compliance: Cooperates with global research and certification laboratories; has dedicated compliance teams for the EU and USA

What Innovations Has Joyetech Brought to the Vape Industry?

Joyetech has consistently introduced groundbreaking technologies to the vaping market. Starting with the world’s first refillable tank system in 2010 to WideWick™ technology in 2022, the company has been a key driver of industry innovation. These advancements range from material science, like super austenitic stainless steel (AST-steel), to consumer-focused features, such as leak-resistant technology.


How Does Joyetech Prioritize Safety and Compliance?

The brand collaborates with prestigious research and certification labs globally, resulting in top-level certifications for its production facilities. Joyetech also engages with key industry players like VTA, GVSA, SEVIA, and others to ensure strict regulatory compliance.


What Makes Joyetech Products Stand Out?

Known for durability and stylish design, Joyetech’s vape devices offer both new and experienced vapers a quality experience. Their eGo AIO series, for example, comes with unique features like light-up tanks and childproof/leak-proof designs.


Is Joyetech Widely Available?

The company’s extensive global presence makes its products easily accessible. With over 400 employees, Joyetech serves more than 80 countries and maintains a reputation for high-quality, innovative vape products.


Can Joyetech Help in Switching from Smoking to Vaping?

Many smokers see vaping as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. Joyetech’s range offers varied nicotine delivery options, making it easier for smokers to find a suitable device for their needs.


Where Can I Find More Information About Joyetech?

Visit their official website Joyetech World for detailed product listings, certifications, and other relevant information.

For those interested in vape wholesale in China, partnering with Joyetech can offer a blend of innovative technology, high quality, and safety compliance.

Eleaf - Known for their small, portable devices like the iStick series, Eleaf caters to both new and experienced vapers.

Company Overview of Eleaf 

  • Founded in Shenzhen in 2011
  • Known for high-quality e-cigarettes and vape mods
  • Offers a range of popular product lines like iStick Pico and iJust
  • Provides OEM applications to meet distributor needs
  • Holds multiple international certifications and technical patents
  • Has a broad and loyal customer base spanning multiple continents

Is Eleaf a Trusted Name in Vape Wholesale China?

Eleaf has firmly established itself as a key player in the global e-cigarette market since its inception in 2011. Originating in Shenzhen, China, the company specializes in producing high-quality vaping products that cater to a wide variety of needs. Its reputation for attentive customer service and innovative designs has helped it cultivate a loyal following worldwide.


Why is Eleaf’s “Simply Smart” Slogan Relevant?

The company’s “Simply Smart” slogan encapsulates its dedication to making vaping straightforward yet fulfilling. Among its renowned products, the iStick Pico series exemplifies this ethos by offering compact, unique, and affordably priced vaporizers. Not to be left behind, the iJust series is another customer favorite, known for its user-friendly interface and innovative features.


What Makes Eleaf Stand Out for Vape Wholesale Distributor China?

If you are a distributor looking for a reliable partner, Eleaf’s extensive OEM applications could be an excellent fit for you. The company has successfully secured various international certifications and patents, providing added credibility to its name. The comprehensive product line makes Eleaf an attractive option for distributors looking to diversify their offerings.


How Does Eleaf Meet Global Demand?

Eleaf’s well-coordinated R&D and customer service teams contribute to its international reputation. The company has garnered a large and diverse customer base from regions including Europe, Russia, and the United States. With a persistent focus on quality and innovation, Eleaf is poised for continued growth and customer satisfaction.


Is Eleaf Recommended for Both New and Experienced Vapers?

Eleaf is a brand that serves both ends of the vaping spectrum, from newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts. Starting with simplified e-cigarettes for beginners, Eleaf offers a range of products that can suit various levels of vaping expertise. Whether you are embarking on your vaping journey or are an experienced vaper, Eleaf’s intuitive designs and high-quality products make it a brand worth considering.


What Do Reviews Say About Eleaf?

Customer reviews are testament to the quality and reliability of Eleaf products. A multitude of positive testimonials highlight the company’s dedication to providing an excellent vaping experience. If you are researching vaping options, these reviews are a good indicator that Eleaf is a brand worth your time and investment.


In summary, Eleaf offers a broad range of products that cater to both new and experienced vapers. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service makes it a strong contender for anyone looking to get involved in vape wholesale in China.


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Wismec - This brand has gained recognition for innovative design, particularly in mods.

Wismec Company Overview 


  • Founded in 2015, based in China
  • Designs made in the US, manufacturing in China
  • Specializes in cutting-edge vaping technology
  • Collaborations with industry leaders like Jay-Bo
  • Offers a range of devices, from pod mods to advanced mods
  • Known for Reuleaux (RX) series featuring advanced chipsets
  • 30+ devices reviewed, including V80, V200, and Tinker mods
  • Leading R&D team in the industry


What Makes Wismec a Leading Choice for Vape Wholesale China?

Wismec excels in both design and technology. The brand’s close attention to detail, both in aesthetics and functionality, positions it as a strong candidate for vape wholesale in China. Partnering with Wismec can mean offering your customers a versatile and technologically advanced vaping experience.


Can You Trust Wismec’s Research and Development?

Wismec has a dedicated R&D team that’s always pushing the boundaries of vaping technology. The brand has demonstrated this commitment through the range of products they’ve brought to market. Consistent innovation keeps the company relevant and competitive.


What Are the Popular Products of Wismec?

From the iconic Reuleaux series to the innovative pod mods like the R40, Wismec offers a wide array of products to suit all vaping needs. The brand has also dabbled in AI technology, with devices like the REULEAUX RX G offering features such as smart coil protection and automatic power adjustment based on coil resistance.


What Makes the Wismec Reuleaux RX G Unique?

The Reuleaux RX G stands out for its futuristic design, complete with angular mirrored panels and LED lights. The device is not just about looks; it also boasts of robust functionalities. With a compact single 18650 mod that can fire up to 100 watts and a 0.96″ color screen, it combines form and function.


Is Wismec Worth the Investment for Vape Retailers?

If you are looking for a range of products that offer cutting-edge technology and a variety of options for different types of vapers, then Wismec is a brand worth considering for your vape retail or wholesale business. Their devices appeal to both new and seasoned vapers, making them a versatile choice for any retail lineup.


In summary, Wismec offers a blend of advanced technology and modern design. Whether you are a retailer looking to diversify your product range or a consumer seeking the latest in vaping technology, Wismec delivers on both fronts.

GeekVape - Known for their rugged, durable devices like the Aegis series, which are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.

Geekvape Company Overview

  • Founded in 2015, headquartered in Shenzhen, China
  • Specializes in innovative vape technology 
  • Serves over 30 million customers globally
  • Popular for the Aegis series of products known for durability
  • Has over 2 million active social media followers
  • Consistently rated among the best vape brands along with SMOK, Voopoo
  • Focuses on quality, innovation, and customer engagement


Is Geekvape a Reliable Vape Brand?

Geekvape has gained a reputation for being a reliable and innovative player in the vaping industry. Since its founding in 2015, the company has focused on delivering a reliable user experience. They serve a broad customer base, from cloud chasers to those looking to quit smoking, showcasing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


What Makes Geekvape Stand Out?

  1. Innovation: Known for being pioneers in vape technology, Geekvape was the first to release a mass-produced rebuildable tank in 2015.


  1. Durability: The Aegis Series is famous for its ruggedness, being waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.


  1. Community Engagement: With over 2 million social media followers, Geekvape listens to its customers for continuous improvement.


  1. Quality Control: From the Geekvape S100 to the L200 kits, every product promises high standards for reliability.


How Does Geekvape Compare with SMOK?

Both Geekvape and SMOK are considered top-tier vape companies, but Geekvape has a particular edge in durability. Their mods, like the Aegis series, are virtually indestructible, offering a longer lifespan compared to other brands. 


What Are Some Popular Geekvape Products?

  1. Geekvape S100 (Aegis Solo 2) Kit: Known for its tri-proof tech, offering excellent protection against water, dust, and shock.


  1. Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit: It’s smaller and lighter with a new 1.08-inch full screen and improved Aegis tri-proof technology.


  1. Geekvape Zeus X Tank: A great choice for advanced vapers, offering an enlarged build deck and elevated postless four-terminal design.


What is the Best Geekvape Product for Ex-Smokers?

For those who have recently quit smoking, the Aegis pod kit could be an ideal choice. It’s optimized for mouth to lung vaping, making it perfect for nic salts and high PG e-liquids containing higher doses of nicotine.


Final Thoughts on Geekvape

Geekvape offers a range of products to suit all vaping needs, whether you’re new to the world of vaping or an advanced user. Known for their durable and high-quality products, they are a brand to consider for your next vaping experience.

Uwell - This company is recognized for its tanks and pod systems and has earned a reputation for quality.

Overview of UWELL

  • Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, China
  • Specializes in the Electronic Vaping Industry
  • Offers an extensive range of products from e-cigarettes to advanced vape systems
  • Holds several patents, including PRO-FOCS flavor optimization and SELF-CLEANING technology
  • ISO and GMP certified
  • Distributed in over 80 countries
  • Awarded “National High-Tech Enterprise” in 2018 and 2021

Is UWELL a Reliable Vape Wholesale Distributor in China?

UWELL is a significant player in the vape industry, offering a comprehensive lineup of products suitable for various consumer needs. With its dedication to quality control and innovation, the company has become a trusted name for vape wholesale distribution in China.


How Does UWELL’s PRO-FOCS Technology Enhance the Vaping Experience?

One of UWELL’s standout features is its patented PRO-FOCS technology. This system optimizes the flavor of e-liquid, providing a rich and authentic taste. The technology sets UWELL apart, offering a distinct advantage for businesses looking to partner with a vape wholesale distributor in China that prioritizes user experience.


What Self-Cleaning Features Does UWELL Offer?

Leakage can be a significant issue in vaping products. UWELL addresses this problem with its patented SELF-CLEANING technology. This feature makes maintenance easier and enhances the overall user experience, adding another layer of reliability to UWELL’s vape devices.


UWELL Caliburn X: What Sets It Apart?

The Caliburn X is the latest offering in UWELL’s popular pod vape line. It introduces several new features, including full wattage adjustability and an OLED screen, a first for Caliburn devices. It also comes with an 850 mAh battery and a 3 mL pod, larger than previous models. Compatible with Caliburn G coils, the Caliburn X provides a flexible vaping experience suitable for both beginners and seasoned vapers.

Pros and Cons of UWELL Caliburn X

  • Pros
    • High-quality build
    • Bright and user-friendly screen
    • Full wattage control
    • Top filling system
    • Long-lasting battery

  • Cons:
    • Larger mouthpiece may not suit all users
    • Some users report connection issues with specific coils


Final Thoughts

UWELL has proven its commitment to innovation and quality, making it a reliable choice for anyone looking to enter a vape wholesale partnership in China. With offerings like the Caliburn X, which combines advanced features with ease of use, it’s clear that UWELL aims to cater to a broad spectrum of vapers. Businesses would do well to consider UWELL in their search for a trustworthy vape wholesale distributor in China.

KangerTech - Once very popular, especially for beginners, KangerTech offers a variety of devices from simple pens to more complex mods.

KangerTech Company Overview

  • Founded in 2007 in Shenzhen, China
  • Pioneer in the E-cigarette industry
  • Over 100 patents granted
  • Offers popular E-cigarettes like Subox Mini, Evod, Ibar, Vbar, Itea, and Timi
  • Provides OEM and ODM services
  • Two production bases with a monthly output of 15 million cartridges/batteries and 1 million disposable vapes
  • Long-term partnerships in the industry




Why Choose KangerTech for Vape Wholesale in China?

KangerTech has a proven track record, having been in the E-cigarette industry for over 15 years. It offers a wide variety of E-cigarettes, meeting diverse consumer needs. The company is especially well-regarded for its innovation, backed by a large number of patents. It’s a one-stop solution for both branded and OEM/ODM services.


What Vaporizers Does KangerTech Offer?

KangerTech’s vaporizer range is diverse, from slim designs to thick handheld box mods. They have various popular models, including Subox Mini, Vola, and UBOAT, which cater to both beginners and seasoned vapers.


Is the KangerTech Vola Vape a Good Choice?

The Vola offers advanced features like temperature control, user-level settings, and a broad TFT screen. If you’re looking for a feature-rich yet cost-effective vape, the Vola is an excellent option.


How User-Friendly is the KangerTech Subvod Vape?

The Subvod is designed for ease of use with a single button operation and top-filling design. If you want a sleek, stylish, and convenient vape, Subvod is worth considering.


What Sets the KangerTech Subox Mini Apart?

The Subox Mini offers a leak-free design and is perfect for those new to vaping. The controls are conveniently located, and the device delivers powerful hits.


What Makes the KangerTech UBOAT Popular?

The UBOAT is discreet and easy to use. With smart air control and no need for assembly, it’s a top choice for both beginners and experienced vapers.


Where Can You Buy a Genuine KangerTech Vaporizer?

To avoid counterfeit products, it’s best to buy from reputable online stores like NY Vape Shop.


How to Pick the Best KangerTech Vape?

Your choice depends on your personal preference, whether you want a simple slim vape or a high-tech box mod.


How Do You Adjust Temperature on a KangerTech Vape?

Some models offer fixed temperatures activated by a button, while others offer more sophisticated temperature control. Adjusting is generally straightforward.


How Do You Load a KangerTech Vape?

Loading is simple, usually involving a removable and refillable cartridge.


Is KangerTech Worth the Investment?

Yes, KangerTech offers reliable, high-quality vapes suitable for various users, making it a wise choice for your next vape.


How to Charge and Maintain Your KangerTech Vape?

Charging is usually quick and straightforward. Regular cleaning with a q-tip can prolong the vape’s life and performance.


Conclusion: Why KangerTech Should Be Your Next Vape Purchase

KangerTech’s long-standing history and expertise in the e-cigarette industry make it a reliable choice for consumers. With a variety of vaporizers designed for every level of vaper, from beginners to experts, the company offers something for everyone. 

Their products not only meet international quality standards but also come with the innovation backed by over 100 patents. 


From their professional team to their compliant manufacturing bases, every facet of KangerTech is geared towards delivering quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re new to vaping or looking to upgrade, KangerTech’s broad range of products provides a dependable and customizable vaping experience.


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Voopoo - Known for its high-quality mods and pod systems, Voopoo has gained popularity in recent years.

Company Overview of Voopoo 


  • Global high-tech enterprise focusing on electronic atomization technology.
  • Integrated in-house departments for R&D, manufacturing, sales, and branding.
  • Products distributed in more than 70 countries including the United States, Germany, and France.
  • Owns over 1,000 patents in the field of atomization and new material technology.
  • Team of more than 6,000 employees globally.
  • Investment in R&D exceeds $100 million since 2014.



What Makes Voopoo a Leading Vape Manufacturer?


Voopoo has carved out a niche in the vaping industry with a focus on innovation and customer service. The company is notably active in R&D, earning it a collection of over 1,000 patents. 



What Kind of Products Does Voopoo Offer?


From sub-ohm kits to pod kits and all-in-one setups, Voopoo offers a range of products for vapers at all levels. Their renowned product lines include the Drag Series, Vinci Series, Argus Series, and V Series. Voopoo also offers a variety of vape coils and pods, each designed to provide an optimal vaping experience.



Why is Voopoo’s GENE Chip Significant?


Voopoo’s proprietary GENE chip sets the brand apart. It offers quick ramp-up times and advanced customization options, making devices like the Voopoo Drag, Drag Mini, and Drag 2 standout choices for vapers seeking performance and versatility.



How Is Voopoo Contributing to the Vape Industry?


Beyond product innovation, Voopoo is an active participant in industry advocacy. In 2019, the company donated $100,000 to the Vapor Technology Association (VTA) to help establish norms and standards for the vaping industry. 



Is Voopoo a Socially Responsible Company?


Voopoo has shown its commitment to social responsibility through contributions to fight COVID-19. The company has donated funds and medical supplies to affected areas both domestically in Wuhan and internationally.



What Do Users Say About Voopoo?


User reviews commonly praise Voopoo’s innovative features, like the GENE chip, and the versatility of their product lines. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, Voopoo has something to offer.



What’s the Best Voopoo Tank and Mod?


The PnP tank is often cited as Voopoo’s best tank, versatile enough to serve as both a pod and a tank. On the mod front, the Drag 2 and Vmate are popular choices, offering high wattage capabilities and dual 18650 battery compatibility. 



Is Voopoo Worth Checking Out?


Voopoo offers a range of high-quality, innovative vaping products. Whether you’re new to vaping or looking for an upgrade, Voopoo’s extensive range of products, commitment to innovation, and social responsibility make it a brand worth considering.



Certainly! A conclusion that wraps up the article on the “Top 10 Vape Brands from China” should encapsulate the overall message, while keeping the SEO guidelines and content restrictions in mind. Here is an attempt to craft such a conclusion:

Why Choose These Chinese Vape Brands?

Why Choose These Chinese Vape Brands?


  • Comprehensive product range: From starter kits to advanced mods
  • Reputation for quality: Built through years of engineering and customer satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing: Offers a significant edge in the marketplace
  • Regulatory compliance: Adherence to international safety and quality standards
  • Wide distribution network: Making them accessible for wholesale partnerships globally


The vape industry in China has made its mark by offering a blend of innovation, quality, and affordability. Partnering with any of the top 10 brands listed here provides you not just products, but also a legacy of expertise and customer satisfaction. These companies are leading the charge in the vaping sector, each contributing its own specialized skills and products to the global market.


So, if you’re a retailer searching for a reliable vape wholesale distributor in China, this list is your starting point. These brands have established themselves as reliable, quality-driven, and cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to source vape products wholesale.


Selecting a wholesale partner is a critical business decision. You’re not just choosing products; you’re aligning your brand with theirs. Make your choice count by opting for a brand that matches your own commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


By keeping these factors in mind, you can make an informed decision and add value to both your business and your customers.

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